4 - 5 September 2017 - Workshops in detail

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Let’s Get Physical: The Road to Recovery

Monday 4 September, 11.45 - 12.45 

Charlotte Pereira: Senior Teaching Fellow, UCL MSc, Diploma & Certificate in Advanced Physiotherapy (Cardiorespiratory and Paediatrics) UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health @Pereiracharlie

There’s an ever increasing body of evidence that Intensive Care Unit Acquired Weakness (ICUAW) leads to a poor quality of life and persistent weakness that potentially can last for many years after ICU discharge. It’s particularly common in patients that were ventilated with 25-60% of those that was ventilated for more than 7 days. ICUAW can include either illness myopathy or critical illness polyneuropathy and in many instances patients suffer from both.

This particular workshop is a highly interactive session facilitated by Critical Care Physiotherapists who specialises in the mobilisation of the critically ill patient within ICU. Come and explore how to get your patients on the road to physical recovery through the use innovative new techniques and good old fashion mobilisation.


Industry Hosted Workshops


Can early mobilisation in Post Op cardiac patients prevent complications and decrease hospital length of stay?

Monday 4th September, 13.45 - 14.45

Hosted by


Vanessa Compton. Grad Dip Phys. ClinicaL Specialist Physiotherapist. Critical Care. Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

This workshop will look to help you understand how a multidisciplinary and united approach to early mobilisation from day 1, can not only improve the patients physiological status but also their Quality of life and psychological well-being.

Studies report that early mobility is safe (1) despite lines and access however there is little evidence supporting what ‘early mobilisation’ should be done.

How can we work together to provide an improved patient experience and potentially decrease recovery time?

This workshop will consist of a short presentation and quiz followed by practical session with the Linet Multi Care bed.

(1) The Importance of Early Rehabilitation and Mobility in the ICU, 2013 - 4 August - Managing Post-Intensive Care Syndrome in the ICU, Ann Parker, MD; Dale M. Needham, FCA, MD, PhD

Pneumonia Prevention in the Ventilated and Non Ventilated Patient: An Evidence Based Approach

Monday 4th September, 14.55 - 15.55

Hosted by


Kathleen Vollman, Advancing Nursing LLC

This session will highlight evidence based practice around the prevention of both ventilator and non ventilator associated pneumonia in the ITU patient population.    

Manual Handling Techniques for the Plus Size Patient: Enhancing outcomes for Patients and Caregivers

Tuesday 5th September, 10.50 - 11.50

Hosted by


Anita Rush MSc (Health Ergonomics) Dip Health Care Studies RGN, Clinical Nurse Specialist – Equipment, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The safe care of a plus size patient within the critical care environment can be challenging. The risk of injury to both the patient and caregiver can be significant if appropriate manual handling techniques are not utilised. This workshop will share the expertise of manual handling professionals who will offer delegates guidance on current best practices as well as practical demonstrations of the use of patient handling equipment - including slide sheets, specialist beds and patient lifting systems.

Delegates should afterwards feel able to return to practice with increased confidence in their ability to deliver safer care to their patients, whilst minimising the number of caregivers required to achieve this.

Clear Thinking in ICU – Getting the balance right

Tuesday 5th September, 13.00 - 14.00

Hosted by


“A patient’s experience of ICU”

Mr James Gough - former ICU patient,

In this session, James will tell his story of his experiences, and that of his family, while in ICU, as well as his longer term and/or ongoing recovery. The insights, particularily around delirium will provide a patient’s perspective of their care and so enhance the healthcare professional’s understanding of what happens.

“The role of alpha 2 agonists in the implementation of sedation and delirium guidelines”

Dr Anna Joseph - Consultant Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, and Sedation Lead, at Kingston Hospital, Kingston Upon Thames

In this session Anna will look at her experiences of the management of delirium in intensive care patients, and will cover the practical application of recent sedation guidelines as part of a multidisciplinary approach to manage and reduce delirium in patients, so achieving the right balance for patients and staff.

Bedside Nasojejunal Tube Placement - Nurse Led Service

Tuesday 5th September, 14.10 - 15.10

Hosted by


Hands on workshop comprising of 3 work stations to demonstrate and practice bedside placement technique for Nasojejunal tube placement and confirmation using the CORTRAK Enteral Access System, securement of feeding tube using CORGRIP nasal retention device and instruction on active and passive gastric drainage and decompression using ENFit drainage feeding tubes, ENFit drainage bags and FARRELL decompression system.

The workshop is designed to provide practical techniques in feeding tube placement, confirmation and management.

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